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Lawn Maintenance

Leave the mowing to us. We will set a schedule that works for your property needs. We can mow and trim around parking lots, ponds, or other areas of the property. A well maintained property not only looks better, but also cuts down on possible pest issues due to high grass and other issues.

Lawn Treatments

Large areas can be hard to keep healthy and bug free. We can implement a program to fit the needs of your property. Weed control, feralization, and more.

Mowed green backyard grass with sprinkler system
Backyard Garden Grass Seeding


Our Aeration/Overseeding program helps overworked lawns. With aeration we can  loosen the compacted soil allowing vital oxygen to the roots of the grass allowing for healthier stronger grass to grow. Overseeding is reseeding over the existing lawn to fill in thin spots that happen frequently in high traffic areas.

Landscape design

Nice Landscaping can really set the tone for your property. Our team of designers will listen to your needs and vision for your property and develop a plan for a visually stunning design that not only looks great but will thrive.

Night View Of Flowerbed With Flowers Illuminated By Energy-Savin
A man wearing work gloves spreading mulch with a pitchfork from wheelbarrow around landscape bushes

Landscape Installation

After the plans have been drawn up, we can install the new landscaping. Weather you are looking to add flower beds, mulch beds, trees or shrubs, we can handle it.

Snow and Ice Removal

Keep your visitors and employees safe during the winter. We will keep walk ways and parking lots free of snow and ice. We can also spread salt to help maintain a safe surface.

Winter Weather Ready Snow Plow Pickup Trucks